The Sandcastle Package

There’s nothing quite like building your own castle in the sand on a warm summer day. Filling the bucket, packing it tight and then upturning it on the beach before slowly revealing it in all its glory with turrets sharply defined; then setting a flag in the centre.

Now while you may not be able to build your own castle I can offer a way for you to be able to maintain it yourself, keep it fresh and add new extensions as needed.

By using the WordPress CMS (content management system) you will have control over adding pages, images and other content plus a built in blogging system. You can easily link your website to your social networks and also provide easy ways for people to connect with you.


The Sandcastle Package

This package includes:-

  • WordPress CMS based website
  • Twenty Eleven theme tweaked to tie in with your logo/colours
  • links to instructions on how to update your website
  • input of your starting content*
  • 1 year hosting (£50/yr thereafter)
  • up to 3 email addresses

The website will include the following:-

  • your logo
  • up to 10 pages
  • links to your social networking websites
  • a contact form
  • google analytics

*All images, logos & content to be provided by the client in a suitable format. Text in a word file and images as jpg, psd or png files. 


Cost: £325