The Deckchair Package

So you have a shiny new website (WordPress or bespoke) and you are eager to learn how to update everything yourself. But then a new client turns up, you need to spend time on the countless other things that are needed to run your business – before you know it your website hasn’t been updated for ages.

Relax in your deckchair, it will be all taken care of. I can update your website for you; all you have to do is email me the changes or additions you require.

The service includes:

  • adding new information to your news section
  • adding new pages to the main website & organising the navigation in the correct order
  • sourcing & adding images etc

It does not include:

  • any design work
  • cost of stock images
  • installation of additional plugins (except by agreement)



I use time-tracking software so charge by the minute for these services; I send invoices out at the end of each month.