The Shrimp Platter Package

I know how difficult it is when you are starting up your small business. There’s any amount of start-up costs of which a website is an important piece. Sure there’s Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter even – but there’s no substitute for owning your own domain and having your very own corner of the web world.

In order to help you gain a web presence that will tide you over that first year of business I put together the Shrimp Platter Package, it’s an extension of the Shrimp Package for those who want a little more than one page.

The only thing you need to pay for other than this is your domain name. I always recommend you own your own domain name as that is your address, a personal and extremely important part of your business identity. If you’re unsure where to go to buy a domain name may I suggest

The Shrimp Platter Package

This package includes:-

  • 3 page website
  • 1 year hosting (£50/yr thereafter)
  • up to 2 email addresses

The website can include the following* :-

  • your logo as the header
  • Up to 8 images
  • a bit about your business
  • links to your social networking websites
  • a contact form
  • a google map
  • google analytics

*All images, logos & content to be provided by the client in a suitable format.

Cost : £175