Why is a web presence such a good investment? 

A well thought out web presence, whether one page or numerous pages, is your 24/7 advertisement to the world. Sure there are social networks and index websites where you can connect with customers, list your business and possibly even add some extra information.

However, sometimes people cannot access the particular social network you use, or the index page doesn’t quite allow you the freedom to put what you need. Also, I find that customers like to know that your business has taken the time to create a web presence aimed at them rather a boiler-plate listing. Somehow their perception changes and you seem more established.


Why are you less costly than some other web design companies?

Firstly, I work from home and so don’t have the overheads like some larger firms.

However, the main reason I appear less expensive than other web design companies is that I cater specifically for the freelancer or small business and so use freely available tools to maximise my product while keeping costs down. I also understand that not every business needs an all-singing-and-dancing website so look at ways to give you the website your customers need at a price your business can afford.


You’re a freelancer working from home, what happens if you’re ill? Will my project be delayed?

No matter what size company you hire there is always the possibility of projects being delayed through illness or holidays.

Working from home works better in many ways because if I am ill then I can work around my illness whereas if I worked in an office I would probably take a full day sick. I rarely have to but sometimes I do conform to the stereotype of a freelancer working from the settee in their pyjamas (while surrounded by tissues and medicine). I also find that working from home means that I am exposed to fewer germs anyway.

Of course there’s always the possibility of long term sickness. If that did ever happen and I couldn’t fulfil a promise then I do have a network of fellow freelancers who can help out in an emergency. At that point you would be informed of what was happening and alternative scenarios would be offered.


There are free website building services. Why should I pay you to build one for me?

I guess this depends on how much time you want to invest in learning new software and creating a website yourself. Often it seems that unless you spend  a good portion of your precious time learning and creating you will not get a suitably professional-looking website.

Free website builders could also come with limitations; stock templates can usually be spotted immediately for instance. The colours may not exactly match your needs, you may not to be able to set up an online store or the layout may look clunky.

There are also myriad things you need to consider when creating a website that a good web designer will know about. Basic Search Engine Optimisation for instance, accessibility and usability requirements for clients with disabilities, the best fonts and colours to use.

By employing a professional web designer you would be able to firstly get a professional looking website that your customers will find useful and also free up your precious time to concentrate on those aspects of your business that you are good at. 


What if my business outgrows my website?

Every website I build, even the one page Shrimp Package, has the ability to be expanded as your business grows. However, I am aware of my capabilities and limitations as a lone freelancer so if I find that your website needs more specialised attention then I will happily hand over any files, password you need to take to your new web design company.