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It Could Happen to You

Posted by on Monday, November 19, 2012 in web design | 0 comments

A while back I wrote about what could happen if you don’t take precautions with your domain & hosting services. That article came as a free download ebook of tips which you can get here. One of the points was that you should own your own domain name. It’s YOUR address on the web and you should not give control to anyone else, even your web designer. I read an article over the weekend where a thriving website with lots of users has had to buy a new domain and is fighting to...

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Let’s make Xmas good for the homeless

Posted by on Thursday, October 18, 2012 in Other life | 0 comments

I noticed a tweet from Donna at Wren Training who volunteers at Lancaster Homeless Shelter. She was asking for Xmas donations for the homeless. It’s about 9 weeks to Xmas so why don’t we all try and make it a good one for the homeless. It’s the one time of year that everyone feels charitable and it can make such a difference. One stipulation – no soup! As Donna said, she could sink a battleship with the tins of soup she already has. She does need food though, plus...

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Why I am like a rice cooker

Posted by on Friday, October 12, 2012 in business, marketing | 3 comments

A few weeks ago I bought a microwave rice cooker from Amanda at Pampered Chef. She had mainly tempted me with the 9 minute chocolate cake that it could make Today, whilst on Twitter, I mentioned that I could do with organising some promotion but that I hate ‘selling’ myself. Amanda caught the tweet and pointed out that I should think of myself as the rice cooker as, through my enthusiastic recommendations, she had sold quite a few. So here we go … Just like the rice cooker I am...

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Being ill

Posted by on Friday, September 28, 2012 in business | 2 comments

Many apologies to my clients and social media buddies. I got my September cold/chest infection last weekend and it has knocked me out. So – for those wondering what happens when I am ill here is a brief rundown. If I don’t *have* to get up & dressed I don’t. I get my laptop out and work from the warm & cosy atmosphere of the house instead of the sometimes drafty office. I work when I can & sleep when I need to. It’s important not to overdo things as then the...

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What if …

Posted by on Thursday, September 20, 2012 in business, web design | 0 comments

Top Tips to Avoiding Website Disaster What if disaster strikes & you lose your website? Sign up to receive a short ebook with some top tips to help you minimise fuss and costs should the worst happen. Get your FREE copy of Top Tips to Avoiding Website Disaster.

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