Design Process

Web designers work in myriad different ways. Here’s how I usually work although I treat each client’s needs individually.


Initial contact

This would be where we talk; either in person or via telephone or email, and lay out parameters of what you envision for your website and what I feel may be appropriate and achievable.

I may suggest you fill in a questionnaire or read some of the linked pdf documents on my site which may assist you in reaching some decisions.

Once an initial agreement has been reached you will be sent a contract & quote to be signed and returned to myself before any further work takes place. A deposit will be required at this point as stated in the quotation.


First design

Based on your requirements I will build a template for you to see and comment on. Any changes must be requested in writing (snail or e-mail). Once this design is approved (in writing) then I will go ahead and create your website. Generally at this stage everything is done within a folder on my website, once there is something to see I will send you a link. If I am building a WordPress website for you it will be created on your domain but hidden from search engines until it is ready.

You will provide, unless otherwise agreed, all the written content, images, links etc that you need to have within your site. Please note that I can only work on your site once the content has been received. I do not mind if it is not all provided in one go but bear this in mind when setting targets for completion.


One revision

Your quote allows for one revision of the site. This should be considered as early as possible in the process and does not include a redesign – it is minor revisions or modifications of the design agreed upon (as above).

This is allowed as, once content is in place and the site evolves, unforeseen problems may arise. Again, any changes must be requested in writing. If at this time it is realised that more than minor changes are needed then additional charges may be applied to the quotation.


Complete site

Once the site is complete then final approval is required before it can be uploaded to your hosting service. At this point, depending on the contract details, further payment in settlement of the quotation may be requested.

The site will be tested in various browsers for compatibility. Due to various problems with this it is not guaranteed that the website will look exactly the same in every browser available. Tests may also be done for usability and accessibility at this stage.


Upload and final checks

Once the website has been approved and any necessary payments been paid then the site will be uploaded to your hosting company*. Alternatively, a CD of the whole site will be posted to you so you can upload it yourself.

*if  Bay Web Designs uploads the website then I will require access to your hosting server in the form of login & password details.

At this point I will also provide you with any necessary information to assist you with website updates and maintenance as laid out in the contract and quotation.


After service

Rest assured that I will be available for any questions you may have once the website is up and running. Do email me with any that may arise and I will do my best to answer them.