Let’s make Xmas good for the homeless

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I noticed a tweet from Donna at Wren Training who volunteers at Lancaster Homeless Shelter. She was asking for Xmas donations for the homeless.

It’s about 9 weeks to Xmas so why don’t we all try and make it a good one for the homeless. It’s the one time of year that everyone feels charitable and it can make such a difference.

One stipulation – no soup! As Donna said, she could sink a battleship with the tins of soup she already has. She does need food though, plus sleeping bags, small tents, money, coffee, sugar, clothes, toiletries etc.

Ideas to help

  • add one (or two) non-perishable food items to your shopping trolley each week
  • sort out your clothes, come on we all know we need to clear our wardrobes
  • have a ‘sin tin’ in the office so if you swear, don’t meet a deadline, eat a biscuit etc then you add a small coin. Even 10p per time would probably mount up between now and then.

Contact either myself or Donna via twitter to arrange dropping off times & places.

Please help because, after all, you never know what your future has in store.

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