Why I am like a rice cooker

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A few weeks ago I bought a microwave rice cooker from Amanda at Pampered Chef. She had mainly tempted me with the 9 minute chocolate cake that it could make :-)

Today, whilst on Twitter, I mentioned that I could do with organising some promotion but that I hate ‘selling’ myself. Amanda caught the tweet and pointed out that I should think of myself as the rice cooker as, through my enthusiastic recommendations, she had sold quite a few.

So here we go …

Just like the rice cooker I am versatile. I can work with people from all types of businesses. Having worked in customer service for twelve years followed by time being a mother then a university student I have met many people from all sorts of backgrounds. My curiosity and empathy enables me to be friendly and professional with everyone.

Just like the rice cooker I am good value for money. My philosophy is to build the website that will be best for you and your business. If that’s just a one page web presence then that’s what I will advise. I will not persuade you to have an all-singing-and-dancing website if that’s not what will benefit you and your clients.

Just like the rice cooker I am user-friendly. One of the things clients say time and again is that I am so easy to work with. I believe in getting things done for my clients with minimum fuss. I may be tearing my hair out and shaking my fist at the screen when a piece of code needed for your website just won’t work out right – but you will never know. I also try and explain things in terms that non-webby people might understand (and that’s the book I am writing). Sometimes it’s hard not to lapse into jargon but my clients all know they can ask again and again and I will be as patient the first time as the 42nd.

Just like the rice cooker I produce tasty results. I know I am not the world’s best web designer and I certainly do not aim to mislead people that I am. However, the results you get from me will enable you to own a web presence you can be proud of. Something that is effective for your business and attractive to look at.

Can you think of any other ways in which I can be compared to the rice cooker? What object can you think of to compare yourself with to ‘sell’ yourself?

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  1. Chris Murray

    Love this post Sharon.

    Everyone out there who doesn’t believe they can muster up a little self promotion or doesn’t like to “sell” themselves should take note of your interesting and light hearted articles, especially the one you’ve posted here.

    If you keep focusing your articles and marketing on how you help your extremely happy tribe of clients and then make yourself available and discoverable to others who need the same kind of service, rather than selling yourself at people – you’ll be surprised how the word somehow gets out.

    No one like to be sold, everyone likes to buy.

    And by the way, I think you produce extremely tasty results

    Have a great weekend


  2. Rosie Slosek

    Chocolate cake in a mug is even faster :) Possibly also more dangerous to one’s health.

    To me, it’s about knowing yourself, and saying ‘I know I need a way of cooking/steaming quickly and easily or else it isn’t going to happen’.

    I like brownie recipes using cocoa as it is so much less faff than melting chocolate. A good quality cocoa is a marvellous thing.
    Rosie Slosek recently posted..A home made brownie for every clientMy Profile

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